About Way Out West

On accordions, fiddle, guitar, banjo and ukulele, Way Out West play and sing all the old songs – some going back as far as the 1960s.  Discover the country roots of the Pet Shop Boys, the folk origins of Rizzle Kicks and The Cure, the big band swing tendencies of David Bowie, then thrill to the biggest secret of all; what Ultravox sounded like when Julie Andrews was still in the line-up.

Ten years ago they were all in a blues band. During the quiet bits on practice nights they discovered a shared secret interest in trashy pop and the rot set in. They’ve supported Three Daft Monkeys and The Wurzels at Gloucester Guildhall, been regulars at Malmesbury Acoustic Sessions and Wychwood Festival. Catch them before they get lynched by Bon Jovi fans.

Kathryn Wheeler (vocals, accordion, fiddle) used to just play Early Music but now stays up late.

Jon Hoyle (vocals, guitar, ukulele, banjo, biscuit tin) plays a slide guitar with a blues band and used to do backing vocals until the women stole his microphone. Way Out West is their way of saying sorry.

em Cafe rene 8-2002

Pat Roberts (vocals, accordion, triangle, shaky pear) used to play with ceilidh and klezmer bands until she sold her soul to rock and roll and spent the proceeds on two bottles of cider.